E94 London Reunion by Claire van der Linden (nee Marek)

The E94 30-Year Reunion took place in the heart of London on Saturday, April 20th with a delightful bottomless brunch at 1 Lombard Street. The food was incredible and the drinks kept flowing. A DJ played some fun, low-key music that served as a perfect icebreaker and created a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone had such a good time that we continued the festivities at another bar for a few more drinks. The reunion was attended by 16 ladies in total, with 12 coming from various parts of the UK and 3 flying in from overseas. Here’s to many more reunions and the continued celebration of our lasting connections!

The attendees included: Claire van der Linden (nee Marek), Ana Stichini-Haler (nee Stichini), Alex van Maasdijk (flew in from Amsterdam), Caroline Lawson (nee Duncan), Cathryn Diesveld (nee Beck), Sarah Easter (nee Carver), Simone Myburagh (nee Hansen) (flew in from Scotland), Dawn Paczulla (nee Stanford) (flew in from Bulgaria), Louise Tumazos (nee Rowe-Roberts), Anna Phocas (nee Rossi), Katherine Digance (nee Bungard), Patricia Kearney, Lucia Hardwick (nee Thompson), Janna Turner (nee Cook), Suzanna Carsen, Stephanie Bentz (nee van Niekerk) (flew in from the USA) and E07 Nicole De Abreu.

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