Celebrating Excellence: The Palmam Meruit Award 2025

Since 2016, the Palmam Meruit Award has been a special way for Rustenburg Girls’ High School to honor former students who’ve made impressive impacts in their fields within the last three years. The name comes from the school anthem and means “Let whoever earns the reward, receive it.” This award celebrates hard work, success, and dedication of our alumnae in various areas like sports, culture, business, and more. We’re looking for your help to find these amazing women. You can nominate someone until October 31, 2024.

Recognizing Achievement and Making a Difference

The Palmam Meruit Award highlights the achievements of Rustenburg alumnae who’ve excelled in different fields. It’s not just about individual success but also about how they’ve contributed to their communities and the world.

How to Nominate

Do you know an alumna who deserves this recognition? Nominate her by filling out the form at this link. Tell us about her accomplishments and why she should receive the Palmam Meruit Award.

Award Ceremony

The selected candidate will be honored at the school’s birthday celebration in February 2025 and will also serve as the keynote speaker at the prestigious birthday assembly. It’s a chance for us to celebrate her achievements and the spirit of Rustenburg Girls’ High School.

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence

Let’s celebrate the alumnae who are making a difference. Nominate someone today and be part of honoring their achievements and inspiring others.

To apply or nominate a person please follow this link: https://forms.gle/vFgJKVaYTaHRPZ6P8

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