E63 Daphne Nunneley 15 April 1945 – 27 May 2024

Daphne was a Rustybug from Grade R to Matric and then taught at Rustenburg Junior for 17 years, from 1994 to 2011! She was a LEGEND in the truest sense of the word. Daphne remembered being sent to the headmistress in Standard 1 (Grade 3) because she could not spell “mountain” and her punishment, after Miss Orton had shouted at her, was to stand with her face to the wall while the other girls went out to break!

In 2005, Daphne was appointed head of Sport and Extramurals at RGJS and organised many wonderful events. Daphne had many accolades in her life, one was receiving the KFM Coolest Teacher Award!

Daphne was a loving mother to Andrew and Robyn, the proudest grandmother to Morgan, Sasha and Jack, mother-in-law to Debbie and Liane and a friend to so many. Many current RGJS teachers shared their favourite memories of Daphne;

“Daphne, a beloved teacher with an infectious laugh and a love for warthogs, brightened lives with her joy and always remembered to spread birthday cheer. She will be deeply missed. – Liesl Ludik”

“Daphne was one of a kind. How can you not admire someone who loves warthogs? She was the zest in the school and a character of note, someone who cared for the girls and left a legacy. Go well, Daphne. – Jenny Wates”

“My favourite memory of Daphs was her incredible parties at her home, her infectious laugh, her messages every birthday of mine, her love of a glass of wine, her kindness, her fair and equitable leadership style, and her warthog obsession. She was also the most incredible teacher to my daughter who loved her dearly. – Tasneem van der Merwe”

“Daphne’s kindness has made a lasting impact on both me and my daughter. Daphne’s cheerful disposition was characterised by her constant positive outlook on life. She will be dearly missed. – Nongatsho Mtsi”