A Trip Down Memory Lane: Rediscovering RGHS

by Nankelo Amupadhi (née Katjioungua) E’01

Recently, I revisited Rustenburg Girls’ High School in Cape Town after 22 years of leaving school. I came with my family, adding an extra layer of joy and nostalgia. My daughter, Natsetweya, excitedly anticipates becoming a RustyBug in the next three years. The idea had been on my mind, and during our visit to Windhoek, Namibia, I couldn’t resist showing my family the place that significantly shaped who I am today. Walking through the gates was like stepping into a time capsule of cherished memories. Nostalgia enveloped me; it felt like I was home.

The school had undergone remarkable changes and renovations. Initially surreal, I appreciated the efforts to modernize, understanding change is inevitable. Revisiting classrooms, hallways, and the old tree brought a flood of memories. A spirited debate in the English classroom sparked my love for literature, and the Geography class with a view of Table Mountain remains vivid. Introducing my children to this environment was special. Sharing anecdotes about impactful teachers and the friendships formed at Erinville Boarding House created a deeper connection. Kankameni and Natsetweya were fascinated by tales of school adventures and intrigued by Rustenburg’s unique traditions. They were impressed by the infrastructure’s upkeep, they found the commitment to academic excellence and nurturing environment commendable. The rich history and traditions fascinated them. Sharing my school days created a deeper connection with my history and my daughter. My daughter is excited to hopefully attend the same school I went to for high school, hoping to follow in my footsteps in the next three years.

The experience was a heartwarming journey through time, rediscovering the place that I called home for years brought back a whirlwind of feelings and emotions – beautiful memories. I am a proud RustyBug from the Class of 2001. A massive thank you to Asonele for showing us around during the mid-term break we hope to visit again!