Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Dr. Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi’s Journey

E’98 Alumnae Spotlight

Let’s take a stroll through the remarkable journey of Dr. Tumeka Matshoba-Ramuedzisi—a trailblazer in youth development, academia and business, whose narrative is deeply rooted in the formative years she spent at Rustenburg Girls’ High School. Tumeka matriculated at Rustenburg Girls’ High School in 1998, where she laid the groundwork for her academic and leadership prowess. She stepped into leadership very early as one of the prefects at Erinville Hostel. Fast forward to 2002 when she graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Business Science, she continued her scholarly pursuits at the University of the Witwatersrand, receiving a Higher Diploma in Accounting in 2004. Her academic journey isn’t just a string of degrees but a testament to her unwavering dedication to diverse skills and a lifelong commitment to learning.

With over 18 years of experience under her belt, Tumeka’s dynamic career spans auditing, business, lecturing and governance roles in various sectors. As the co-founder and non-executive chairman of Ramuedzisi Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors, she embodies visionary leadership. But that’s not all—her role as a senior lecturer at the University of Johannesburg reflects her dedication to moulding the minds of future financial professionals. We are happy to have her as a mentor in our Shift Mentorship programme aimed at building relationships between alumnae and current learners. Away from the boardroom, Tumekashe actively engages in committees and contributes her expertise to the development of the accounting and finance profession.

Whether as an independent trustee at Ditikeni Trust or as a non-executive director at organizations like Adept Advisory (Pty) Ltd, Reunert Limited and Toyota South Africa (Pty) Ltd, she underscores her commitment to corporate governance and community contribution. She is a senior researcher at the Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute at the University of Pretoria. She delves into leadership dynamics with a keen focus on the often-overlooked facet of followership. Her journey isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder; it’s a symphony of education, lifelong learning, and imparting that knowledge to others. She stands tall as a businesswoman, academic, and committee luminary and serves as a beacon of inspiration for those charting their courses.