A Delicious Legacy: Calling All Rustenburg Alumnae to Contribute to Our 130th Birthday Celebration Recipe Book

Join Us in the Kitchen:

We invite every Rustenburg Alumnae to share a taste of their culinary heritage by contributing a recipe to our 130th Birthday Celebration Recipe Book. Whether it’s a cherished family dish, a modern twist on a classic, or a delightful dessert that’s close to your heart, your recipe will be a part of our collective history.

What We’re Looking For:

Your recipes are the heart and soul of this book, so we encourage you to submit your favourites.

Here are some key details we’d like you to include:

  • Recipe Title: Give your dish a creative name.
  • Ingredients: List all the ingredients with precise measurements.
  • Instructions: Provide step-by-step cooking or preparation instructions.
  • Cooking Time: Mention the time required to prepare your dish.
  • Serving Size: Indicate the number of servings your recipe yields.
  • Personal Touch: Share any personal stories, memories, or anecdotes associated with the recipe.

Submitting your recipe is easy.

You can complete our online submission form here.